About me

I am an engineer with a master's degree in computer science, specializing in algorithms for high-performance computing and applications to mathematics and physics. I live on the west coast of Norway, am an active scout, and enjoy hiking, foraging, and cooking.

About the website

This blog is about documenting new things I learn, things I am working on, and things I find interesting, challenging, or just want to share with the world.

The website is built from Org Mode files using Hugo. It is hosted using Cloudflare Pages. Most of my illustrations are made using Julia to generate TikZ code, compiled to SVG using dvilualatex and dvisvgm. Most of my plots are made in Julia using Makie.

Math is rendered using MathJax. As of writing, that unfortunately means there is some Javascript running on the website until I figure out how to make Hugo render it server-side :-p

Get in touch

If you want to submit feedback, ask questions, or just say hi, you can reach me via email at [email protected]

I like getting mail, and I'm usually pretty quick at responding if I'm not out in the woods without internet access! I'm interested in a wide variety of topics, and I like learning new things; if you want to talk to me about anything, I will happily talk to you!

If you see something wrong in a post, I want to hear it – constructive criticism is always appreciated. In particular, if the website has accessibility problems, I appreciate tips on how to fix those.

I'm not active on social media.